About Us


Educatalyst was started in 2007 with a vision of creating unique and rewarding learning experiences for every student. At Educatalyst, we believe that each student is different and teaching should be personalized to suit the student’s aptitude. This is the founding principle of Educatalyst.


·       Highly experienced and duly accredited teaching faculty comprising largely of in-service IBDP teachers and examiners

·       Small learner groups of 1 to 5 students to enable maximum attention and interaction.

·       Online tutoring conducted through SKYPE and GOOGLE HANGOUT.

·       Access to learning resources that have been specifically designed by our team of accredited and experienced teachers to simplify the learning process

·       Comfortable and pleasant learning environment equipped with requisite technology to facilitate the teaching-learning process

·       Frequent formative assessments to monitor progress.

·       Complete support for internal assessments and coursework to ensure high grades.

·       Regular updates on learning behaviour and progress of students sent out to Parents/Guardians.

·       Most importantly, assurance of maximum examination grade possible commensurate with the learner’s academic potential.